Thinking about Suicide?
Kevin Williams’ NDE research into suicide

The NDE reveals our afterlife condition is not determined by how we die, but by how we live. Nevertheless, living can be extremely difficult at times. Life can become so difficult we may think seriously about ending our own lives. Suicide raises important questions that need to be answered. Such as: Is suicide justifiable if a person is terminally ill and suffering unnecessarily? Should we help those who are suffering from a terminal illness die with dignity if they choose to? Is having a junk food habit a form of suicide? Did not Jesus himself commit suicide by going to Jerusalem knowing and even telling others what the horrible outcome would be? Since NDEs suggest it was our own choice to be born, an act that ultimately results in death, isn't this choice to be born itself an act of suicide? Doesn't today’s medical choices often result in the extension a terminal person's suffering rather than the extension of their quality of life? Is it not a basic human right to be able to control your own death and destiny as you see fit? I personally believe the answer to all these questions is "yes." However, even though we may have the right to commit suicide if we choose, I believe this does not give us the right to hurt our family and friends by doing so. Suicide can leave a gigantic hole in families that can never be filled again. It is the damage done to family and friends that is the real tragedy, I believe, not necessarily the afterlife consequences of the person who committed the act. There are karmic consequences for hurting people, but not all suicides result in hurting people. Find out more in the pages that follow.

Suicide Index
"While the person who commits suicide dies only one death, the loved ones left behind often die a thousand deaths wondering why." - anonymous

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