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Our present existence on Earth is three dimensional. There is time, space, and motion. We think of space in terms of height, length, and width; time as past, present, and future. We speak of ourselves as having physical, mental, and spiritual life.  We understand the dimensions of man's awareness to be conscious, subconscious, and superconscious; the world about us as mineral, plant, and animal. The Bible refers to a three dimensional God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

According to Cayce's revelations, our experience relates more to the entire solar system and not just three dimensional Earth. Cayce stated that each solar system is like a university with many dimensions of learning available and through which we must travel through. Our solar system has nine dimensions or planes of consciousness, of which Earth represents the third. The dimensions of consciousness are associated with the planets of our solar system. This does not mean souls live on the surface of other planets as we do on Earth, but rather, souls live in fourth and fifth dimensional realms associated with the planetary spheres that we see with our three dimensional eyes. The physical planets also have nonphysical realms which souls can experience when not active in the physical body on Earth.  This would include death, deep sleep, or other altered states that free the subconscious from its normal physical constraints. There is not only reincarnation in the Earth plane, but reincarnation in other planes between Earth incarnations as well.  If a soul incarnates into an Earth life from one of these planetary influences, the soul will manifest the influence of the realm from which it recently came. These influences, which are defined in astrology, are related to the dimension symbolized by the planet. Cayce did not give a complete description of them; however, the following incomplete chart was derived from his psychic readings.  Each planet in our solar system has a particular influence by which certain lessons are to be learned and for which we are tested on Earth. They are:

Position from the Sun Afterlife Dimension Name of Planet Influence
1 2 Mercury mind
2 4 Venus love
3 3 Earth testing (flesh)
4 --- Mars anger
5 7 Jupiter strength
6 1 Saturn woes
7 8 Uranus psyche
8 --- Neptune mystic
9 --- Pluto subconscious

Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is within you. Your body is a temple for the Spirit of God. On this earth plane, a person is influenced by their flesh and, in many ways, the influence of the flesh determines a person's level of spiritual development.   According to Cayce and the Eastern religions, within your body are seven spiritual centers. Through these spiritual centers, our spiritual force finds a means of expression. Our bodies are like a miniature solar system with our hearts performing the function of the sun, the center of the system. The seven spiritual centers are the seven endocrine glands which are the Pituitary gland  (the "third eye"), the Pineal gland, the Thyroid, the Thymus, the Adrenal glands, the Lyden gland, and finally the sexual gland  (the testes or ovaries). These glands are known by science to be the emotional and motivational centers of the body. They act especially in responses to the imaginative forces of the mind. For example, when you get angry, the Adrenals secrete. The activity of the sexual glands is directly related to sexual motivation.  Science knows that the Pituitary is the master gland of the body. It's secretions have a direct and coordinating effect on all the other glands. According to Cayce and the Eastern religions, each spiritual center is connected to a different plane of spiritual consciousness. The lowest spiritual center, the sexual glands, is influenced by the lowest plane of consciousness.  The Pituitary gland is influenced by the highest plane of consciousness. The plane of consciousness one travels to upon death is generally determined by the spiritual center that has the greater influence in a person's life.  Below is a chart showing the location of these spiritual centers on the body. At the bottom of this page is a table showing how these spiritual centers and the afterlife planes of consciousness go together.

The energy of the sexual glands, used wholly on the sexual level and without control, may bring sexual perversions and unbridled sensuality. If this spiritual center is the most influential in a person's life, at death the spirit may travel to the corresponding spiritual plane of Saturn, the plane of Woes, according to Cayce.  It is a kind of purgatory.

The Lyden gland, located above the sexual gland, is the starting point of the soul's activity. It is the door through which the soul may go on to higher planes of consciousness. The corresponding spiritual plane for this spiritual center is the plane of Neptune, the plane of Mysticism.

The Adrenal glands are located above the kidneys. We are actively aware of this center in times of stress, when it pours adrenaline into the blood stream to aid us in fighting or fleeing. The Adrenals are also the storehouse of our emotional karma according to Cayce.  From this center comes the negative energy of anger and hatred.  If this spiritual center is the most influential spiritual center before death, the spirit may travel to the corresponding plane of Mars, the plane of Anger.  

The Thymus gland is found behind the heart in the solar plexus area of the chest. Since the Thymus is related to the heart, it is associated with love. Love opens all doors. At this center, love is awakened, bringing with it consideration, unselfishness, sincerity and honesty. It's corresponding plane is Venus, the plane of Love.

The Thyroid, located in the throat, is related to will-power. From the misuse of the will for selfish and domineering ends, may come the condition known as hyper-thyroidism.  When little effort is made to the will at all, the opposite may occur, an imbalance known as hypo-thyroidism.  It is worthy of note that in some cases where there has been a growth on the Thyroid, a degree of clairvoyance or telepathy has developed. The energy released upon the Thyroid opens the door into the psychic realms of consciousness, the plane of Uranus, the plane of the Psyche.

The Pineal gland is situated a little above the Pituitary and is the "Mind of Christ" center.  When this center has been truly awakened, one may experience spiritual holy communion.  It is at this center that the mind of the soul meets the Holy Spirit. This center, when stimulated daily through meditation, can bring seership or prophecy.  It's corresponding plane of consciousness is the plane of Mercury, the plane of Mind.

The Pituitary is the master gland of the body. It is situated between and behind the eyes in the brain, acting as the "third eye" of ancient mysticism.  It is through the Pituitary, the highest spiritual center, that ultimate awakening comes.  It is through the energy of the Pituitary that one may enter the very presence of God through meditation and prayer.  It's corresponding spiritual plane is Jupiter, the plane of Strength.

The Kingdom of heaven is truly within us and our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit. We seek God and His Kingdom by looking within ourselves. Through meditation and prayer, one can unlock the doors to the many dimensions, the many mansions, of God's Kingdom. But the door must first be unlocked here on this earth plane, the plane of the flesh.

In interpreting the Book of Revelation in the Bible, Cayce made some astonishing statements.  In the beginning chapters in Revelation, John sees a vision of a book with seven seals. This book symbolizes John's body with the seven spiritual centers.   In the vision, John weeps as he realizes that no one in heaven or earth is worthy to open the seals of the book.  However, there appears a Lamb, the Christ, with seven eyes, who opens the seven seals one by one. This sequence of events in the vision is extremely important and instructive for us in the initial stages of our awakening.  The awareness that no one is worthy enough to open these seals except Christ, should indicate to us that no attempt to open these centers, whether by drugs, hypnosis, breathing exercises, or other specialized meditation or inner awareness techniques, should be made unless the seeker has firmly set his spiritual ideals and is so directed by the spirit within.  The seven eyes of the Lamb symbolize the seven spiritual centers.  They are the organs of perception through which we may become aware of other planes and dimensions in the same way that our commonly known five senses are organs of perception of our earth experience.

Although we have learned to think of God as One or Triune, the Revelation speaks repeatedly of the seven spirits of God. This expression suggests seven different functions of the Divine Spirit. Thus we, as children of God made in His image, contain within us the corresponding spiritual sensory centers, which give us the potential of becoming aware of the seven aspects of the Divine.

The body is the temple of the living God both as the place where we may meet Him and as an instrument of awareness through which we may attune to Him.  As an instrument for attunement, the endocrine glands serve as points of contact between the Spirit and the body.   These centers are the transformers of the One Force of Spirit into physical consciousness and manifestation. The functioning of these centers is, in turn, dependent primarily upon the quality of motivation or ideal chosen and dwelt upon by the imaginative forces of the mind.

After death, Cayce says the soul travels not only on earth after death but through the whole solar system in what we might call a "university".  In this manner, each plane would represent a different "college" of higher learning.  We are more "children of the cosmos" than merely just children of earth.  The deep part of us travels the entire universe and our souls have chosen to enter into this particular "university" (solar system) that we find ourselves in.  Each planet is a three dimensional representation of higher or lower realms in the afterlife.  Cayce did not mean that we have lived on the surface of these planets, that is three dimensional thinking.  What he meant was that we have dwelt in these planes that are represented by the planets we see in the sky in three dimensions.  Cayce identified certain functions with each planet and he identified the planet earth as the planet of "testing".  The earth is in the "cause and effect" dimension.  Cayce said this means that if a soul believes something and they really want to test it out, they can come to the earth to be tested and apply themselves.  By actually going through the experience themselves on earth they can realize if what they believe is true or not for themselves.  This earth dimension is good for overcoming certain weaknesses and applying yourself to see that those weaknesses are truly overcome.  Here we can learn for certain whether we have really changed.

Mercury is the dimension of the "mind".  Venus is the dimension of the "heart, the arts and beauty".  Souls actually work in these realms to learn and understand certain concepts in order to apply themselves.   Mars is the dimension of "anger" which Cayce said meant it was the place to learn how to control the warrior-like power, aggressions and urges that each soul has the ability to project.   Jupiter is the dimension of "high mindedness and large groups".  Saturn, however, is not a pleasant place according to Cayce.  Cayce said Saturn is the place where "all inadequate flesh goes to be redone."  This place is the  "Great Changer", the great force for starting over.  Sometimes when Cayce would begin a reading for someone, he would identify what the last dimension that soul experienced before entering the earth dimension.  He would not limit himself to a person’s past lives on earth, but would include their lives in the cosmos as well.  During a reading, Cayce told a person he identified as having previously experienced an incarnation in the Saturn dimension that  "God loves those who are willing to start over."  According to the readings, Saturn would be a place equivalent to the catholic concept of "purgatory", a place of cleansing and starting over.

Uranus is the dimension of the "psyche". Cayce used this term the same way as the ancient Greeks used the term meaning the "sense of the soul". Cayce said it was natural for every soul to have a "sixth sense".  Uranus is the realm where the soul develops this psychic ability. Neptune is the dimension of the "mystic". It is where souls have the ability to have direct experience with the Creator and perceive the Creator.  Pluto is the dimension of "consciousness". This dimension is the realm for the final development of full consciousness.

The gateway to this "university" or solar system we find ourselves in according to Cayce is the star system Arcturus. Strange as this sounds, Cayce described humanity as being citizens of the whole cosmos.  Although souls enter and leave the many dimensions of this solar system, we are not limited to merely this solar system.  After death, the soul travels to the star system Polaris, the Northern Star. According to Cayce, this dimension is the "exchanging" place where souls determine where their next incarnation will be.  It is interesting to note that the ancient Egyptians believed this as well and that the main shaft to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid points directly to Polaris.

As an example, Edgar Cayce during a reading described his most recent sojourns throughout the cosmos.  The soul of Edgar Cayce sojourned in the dimension of Uranus, the plane of the "psychic", and just before incarnating in the earth dimension, had a brief experience in the dimension of Venus.  He incarnated into the earth with these most recent experiences ingrained in his soul.  Such a combination would make a person "psychic" having a "heart" for helping others.

As another example, Edgar Cayce described his sister Lila's sojourns.  Her soul sojourned in the dimension of Jupiter prior to incarnating into the earth.  But before incarnating she had an experience in Mercury which added to her mental ability.   Jupiter’s influence of "high mindedness and large groups" is one of the reasons she later became an executive for the International Red Cross.  Large groups and high ideals often come with incarnations in the Jupiter dimension according to Cayce.  These influences, Cayce says, are latent within the soul by soul experience, not just because the stars are in a certain position at the time of birth.  The soul has actually had experiences in these dimensions.  This is an energy the soul can draw on during our experience here.  During sleep, we also enter into the dimensions again according to Cayce.  We are truly citizens of the cosmos even as we walk the earth.

Plane Light Spectrum Characteristic of Plane Eastern Chakra Gland or Body Part
Pluto ---- subconscious -------- --------
Jupiter violet strength Third Eye Pituitary
Mercury indigo mind Crown Pineal
Uranus blue psyche Throat Thyroid
Venus green love Heart Thymus
Mars White anger Navel Adrenals
Neptune orange mysticism Lower Abdomen Lyden
Saturn red woes Root Gonads
Earth ---- testing ---- ---

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