The Meaning of Life and Death
Edgar Cayce's journeys into the afterlife

The afterlife was revealed to Edgar Cayce (pronounced "Kay-see") (1877-1945), a man who had amazing near-death-like journeys. He was America's most documented clairvoyant and spiritualist and was also a devout Christian. In 1910, the New York Times carried two pages of headlines and pictures in which he was declared the "World's Most Mysterious Man." In 1954, the University of Chicago accepted a Ph.D. thesis based on a study of his life and work. Cayce  is also considered to be the father of holistic medicine by JAMA, the prestigious medical journal. Cayce was a wonder to the medical community because of his ability to diagnose and specify a treatment for gravely ill people often hundreds of miles away through the method of hypnosis. The following are Cayce's revealed answers to the major questions of life and death excerpted from various Cayce scholars.  You can purchase their excellent books at the bottom of this page.

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"The last to be overcome is death, and the knowledge of life is the knowledge of death." - Edgar Cayce

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