A Description of the Afterlife
George Anderson's revelations

The following is a discussion with George Anderson by the radio and television talk show host Joel Martin as written in the book entitled We Don't Die  by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski. George Anderson is perhaps America's greatest and most famous psychic who has amazing paranormal abilities with the spirits of the deceased. His abilities are so great, he was once hired by the NYPD Homicide Department to solve unsolved murders. His abilities have been profiled on many television and radio shows as well. In these pages, he answers some questions about the afterlife thereby shedding  some light on the near-death experience. I highly recommend all the books written by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski about George Anderson and you can purchase these books using the links provided below.

Where do we go when we die?

"We, according to what they say, go through the different levels of consciousness. We're working our way up.  It's like, to go up to the twelfth grade, you've got to pass the first through the eleventh. When we pass on, we do go into the tunnel, we can go through these little darker levels, which can represent a form of hell or purgatory, because these are the two negative levels, or the darker ones. But if we've been a good person, we generally just seem to pass through them very quickly and then we go on through the third and fourth levels of consciousness. When we go through these levels we meet our relatives and friends greeting us at the end of the tunnel where they're waiting and they lead us into the light. And there's like a form of spiritual rejuvenation, like a reunion, like a party, 'Hey, it's great to see you again.'  We recognize each other by personality. There's no physical body, but there's a spiritual body that may take on a physical form."

What is the afterlife like?

"Learning and growing seem to be what it's all about there. And they are able to understand themselves, if they want to. I've been told by the other side that you have to make a prime decision over there. You have to face up to yourself and do something about it, otherwise you'll just flounder and you won't progress spiritually. That seems to be a very important issue, to recognize yourself, your positive qualities and your negative ones, and try to do something about it. I've also been told that they have tasks, jobs to do over there."

On what level can the spirits communicate?

"You might be inclined not to come to me if you're on one of the darker levels.  I would not be attracting anything that would be negative, so if you're on the darker or the lower levels, unless it's for a specific spiritual purpose, I would not discern you.  A Hitler, to take one extreme, would put himself in such a state of darkness that he would literally not be able to communicate."

Will a suicide progress?

"They can progress. This is why it's so important that people, no matter what your religious belief or persuasion, even if you're an atheist, remember to pray for those who have passed on. Because that embraces them in love and encourages them to progress. The problem that the suicide faces in the next dimension is that, when you arrive in the next level, it's not the pretty sight that the average passing can be. Their problem is that they cannot forgive themselves. When someone comes through in a reading and is starting to make me feel as if they've taken their own life ... You feel like you're in the presence of a ghost. There's a chilling feeling. And it's very important that those coming through acknowledge what they've done. It's like getting up and saying, 'I'm an alcoholic.' Coming forward and saying, 'I have taken my own life.'  A friend of mine who had recently taken his life came through and did not know how to go into the light. I kept telling him to go forward to the light, but he was afraid of judgment. He couldn't forgive himself.  Also, he was having a problem with the fact that after he had taken his own life, his spirit obviously lingered around the scene of the act. He could not overcome the memory of his father's discovering him, and that was haunting him emotionally to a tremendous degree in the next dimension. What he and many of us don't understand is that there is judgment there, but it is not done by God on a throne. Judgment rests basically with yourself. And we all know that the greatest enemy we can face is ourselves."

"It can take eons of time as we understand it before they go into the light. It depends on the person. You're in control. You hold the reins. Those who've come through those darker levels have said that they've had to face themselves and realize that if they don't shape up, in other words, learn more about themselves, they're not getting anywhere."

What changes after death?
"One of the things that the higher entities in the next dimension say is that we can very easily cheat others, but we can never cheat ourselves or God."

What about reincarnation?

"Now, some spirits may choose to remain on the other side indefinitely, while others return. We all seem to stay together with the same people that we felt close with - birds of a feather flock together. We may have different parents, our brother or sister could be our parent next time. But we do seem to stay with the same other souls that we feel a certain affinity with, or a good vibration with."

"As I've been told from the other side - although I sometimes find it hard to believe - there are no accidents in the universe. Everything has a purpose, a mission, a meaning. And for the parent who loses a child tragically in an accident, the child was fulfilling his or her mission; the parent was fulfilling that mission too. The parents are in that circumstance to learn a lesson. Maybe the lesson was patience, love, acceptance, understanding, comfort of others. It can be a number of things. I want people to understand that life is everlasting. Everything that happens in your life has a purpose. There is no one you are close to who ever dies."

An example of his gift

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